Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers 

In preparation for her upcoming birthday, 
I've been getting busy with these fabric flowers & some other easy to sew decorations. 
I only hope I can see my many idea's come to life in time...

But back to these, they  are incredibly simple!! 
You can do a quick google search and find many great inspirations (like here)
Mine are a bit different, I didn't use a machine to sew it but after folding the petals 
(6 to 8 pieces) I just threaded them all through at once. 
I tried a few other fabrics at first (just old t-shirts) but once I tried this soft stretchy mesh, 
I knew I had a winner. They give the best light and flowery effect, plus I love  the pastel colours.

Here we are trying on our new flowers (which can also double as pins or garlands!)
truth be told..it was way harder to get a good photo of her in these!
Have a good week, love.


Audrey said...

Those are super cute!

miamoonlove said...

Hi Audrey!
Thanks and they're really quick and easy too! Try it :)

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